Recording Contributions

To post contributions for the week, begin by clicking on “Giving” from the main OSV HUB Dashboard

Then select “Offerings”

To begin a new offering batch, click “Add Offering”

Configure the settings for your batch with a name, the date the contributions were collected (you’ll be able to set the deposit date later in the process), and the default fund for entering contributions. This will default to the last used fund for this computer. The “Date of Contributions” will default to the previous Sunday.

The offering entrance screen will then show. Begin by typing either the envelope number or the name of the individual or family. Then TAB to the next field to indicate the amount. TAB to the check field, fund field, or notes field if needed. When all details for that particular envelope or contribution are complete, press ENTER or RETURN to enter the next offering.

As you add contributions a running total of the batch will appear on the right and the individual offerings will appear below. If you misenter a contribution, you can delete it from the batch. When you are done entering for this batch, click “Post Offering” below the running total on the upper right-hand card of the screen.

You will receive a confirmation of the batch. You can also indicate the date of the deposit for your financial records. Click “Post” to complete this batch. Note that once you post these offerings you will not be able to post any further contributions in this batch. All contributions will be automatically posted to the directory page for the family or individual.

Overview Video of Recording Contributions

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