Deactivate a Member

When a member of a family no longer lives in the same house, we recommend making them ‘inactive’ in the system. This could apply to children when they go to college or move away. If they want to become registered members of your parish, you can move them to a new family and all historical data from their childhood will move with them. This can be done with inactive members as well. This will retain all historical information including sacraments and contributions. You can deactivate individual members or entire families (see this article).

To deactivate an individual member select “Deactivate Member” from the menu on their member page:

Then confirm you want to deactivate them.

Members who are inactive appear with a yellow bar across the top of their member card.

You can always reactivate a member, simply select “Reactivate Member” from their dropdown.

Overview Video of Deleting and Deactivating

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