How a Family Registers Using a Provided Link

This article provides information about families using a provided link to register for a parish.

A link can be shared on an organization's website, bulletin, or other media for families to complete their own registration for the parish.

Once the user clicks on the link, the system walks them through the registration process to gather information such as the Family Name, Family Phone, and Address, etc.

Here are the steps for a family to register using a provided link:

1. Click the provided link to open the registration form.
2. Enter your Family Name (Last Name) into the form.
3. Enter your Family Phone number.
4. Enter your Street Address (click the plus icon to add a second line for your address if needed).
5. Enter your City, State, and Zip Code.
6. Click Continue.

7. Enter information for the Head of Household: First and Last Name, Date of Birth, Email address, Phone number, and Gender. This person will appear first in all communication.

8. Select all Sacraments received and include date, location, and any other pertinent notes if known.

9. Enter Name Preferences: Middle, Preferred, and/or Maiden.
10. Enter any Additional Information: Language, Ethnicity, Religion, Marital Status, Occupation, and/or Employer.

11. Click Add Family Member to save this member and begin adding another member. Repeat for all family members.
12. When you have added all family members, click Register Family to process the registration.

When you complete this form, parish staff will receive a notification.

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