Tags are the best way to organize people in the system. You can tag both individual members and families. The functionality of what you can do with tags is ever evolving, changing, and growing. It will be one of the primary filters for reporting if you have tagged your members and families efficiently. A quick step-by-step about how to add a tag will be followed by a quick video about where tags show up and some of the functionality for using them.

You can add tags from the Family Detail or the Member Detail screen. Simply click the + button on the Tags card.

A list of available tags will appear. You can select from this list or begin typing a new tag and select “create new tag” from the menu.

Only available tags will appear on this dropdown – meaning if a tag is already associated with a family, you will not be able to select it twice. The tags menu is self-managed, meaning that it will only save tags that are associated with a family or member in the system. If you remove a particular tag from everyone, that tag will also be removed from this drop-down menu.

Video Overview of Tags: How, What, Why

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