Add an Offering to Create a Batch

This article provides steps to create a new batch for physical offerings.

Here are the steps to add an offering and create a batch:

1. From Giving go to Offerings.
2. Click on Add Offering.

3. Name the batch.
4. Enter the Date of the contributions.
5. Designate a Default fund.
6. Click on the Start button to create a batch.

7a. Enter the Envelope number and tab over. (If the envelope number is recognized the name will auto populate.)
7b. If there is no envelope number enter the Name if provided. (Skip this step if there is no name.)
7c. Add name as a Guest Family. (If the name is provided but not found in the system, this option can be selected.)


7d. Enter the information that is known for the Guest Family and click Add to process.

8. Enter the amount of the physical contribution.
9. Enter the Check number if one was provided. (Skip this step if there is no check number. The offering will be referenced as cash.)
10. Enter the Fund if one was designated. (If no fund is designated the contribution will go to the default fund that was previously selected in step 5.)
11. Enter notes if provided.
12. Click on the ADD button to process.
13. Begin again, and enter the information for the next offering.

Note* The batch totals are able to be viewed on the Batch Totals card and the list of offerings for the date entered are listed below on the Offerings card.

14. Click on the Post Offering button once all the offerings for that batch have been entered.

Note* Posting the offering will close the offering to any further contributions and post the contributions to the directory.

15. Check to see that the summary of totals and the date of deposit are correct. The date of deposit can still be changed here.
16. Click on the POST button to process.

Note* The new batch will be listed on the Offerings screen. There may be more than one batch for any given date. The status will remain as Open until Posted. (See Step 15 above.)

Click  here for more information about physical offerings.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.




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