Conversational Format for Text to Give

This article provides information on how the system uses Conversational Text with donors who want to Text to Give.

The system uses a basic conversational format. The donors will not have to remember any special words, dollar signs, codes or special phrasing while texting because the system will try to identify what the user needs to know or what the system needs to know to give a gift.  It will prompt the donor to provide the information.  The donor can  Restart the conversation at any time.

 As an example, the system will ask which payment method the donor wants to use if there are multiple payment methods. The donor must select A or B.  If the donor simply responds with Visa or checking they will get a message that it is not a valid option.

If the donor only texts Give, the system will ask "To which fund do you wish to give?" 

If the donor types in a fund code that does not exist, the system will let them know.  "Sorry, that is not a valid fund. Please select from the following funds."  The system will provide a list of fund codes. And ask, "To which fund do you wish to give?"

If the donor recognized the Youth Fund they could text Youth back to continue. The system would locate that fund and ask how much is desired to give.  The donor can simply text 25 and the system understands, thanks the donor and sends a message confirming the particular details including a receipt number.

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