About Physical Offerings

This article provides information about physical offerings.

The Offerings module in Giving keeps track of the physical contributions that are received. Some offerings are provided in envelopes and some people put cash or checks directly into an offering plate without envelopes or information. No offering is too small as the system allows for very small contributions. Contributions that are not tax deductible will be excluded from the tax report.

An offering placed in an envelope may contain information such as a name, an envelope number, and how much was given, however, some envelopes are generic and do not have a name or envelope number on them. The offering may consist of cash or a check and may also designate a specific fund to attribute the offering.

Batches of offerings that are created can be viewed on the Offerings summary page along with the date, name, amount and status. New batches can be created any time by clicking on the Add Offering button.

Offerings are that are added together are posted in batches with the date of the contribution listed. The batches can be named anything. The name and date of the batch can be edited until the batch is posted.

Cash offerings are listed in the system as cash and attributed to the selected fund for a batch. Checks are listed as check with the check number and amount of the offering. Each entered contribution adds to the Batch Totals.

Individual physical contributions within a batch can be viewed, edited or deleted at any time. Each column can be sorted using the sort arrows. Individual and family contributions can also be viewed in the Directory once the offerings are posted and can be deleted and edited there.

Note*  Physical contributions can be reported on using the Giving Detail report or the Offering Report

Click here for information on using barcodes printed on envelopes to record offerings more quickly.

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