General Online Giving Export

Once you log in to the OSV Hub, select Giving and then Online Giving Exports.

You will see a dropdown for Church Manager Software, click the dropdown and select your contribution program.

You may see different options in this screen depending on what program you choose.  You can select from either a pre-defined date range or you can choose a Custom Date Range and use the calendar to set the dates.

Next you will select the Funds you wish to include in the export.  You can select specific funds by clicking the dropdown and select the box beside that particular fund or you can click the check box at the top to select all the funds.  You can also use the search field at the top to type in part of the fund name to locate a fund quickly. Some exports may only allow one fund to be selected.

If you would like to include any Forms with payments, please select that form from the dropdown.  If you do not see your Form in the dropdown, click here to view the form setup and add the required General Ledger Account Number.

Once you have the date range and funds complete, you will see the below options.

  1. Include Guest Accounts – Include any donors who did not register with online giving but have chosen to give to the church.
  2. Only Export Contributions Not Yet Exported – Export will only pull contributions that have not been pulled before, regardless of the date range selected.

You may see other required fields depending on the software you choose.  Once all required fields have been completed, click Export.

If you are missing envelope numbers of contributions made on this export, it will prompt you at this time to complete the missing data.  You will enter the envelope number and select Update. Once all envelope numbers have been updated the export will create the CSV file automatically.


You will need to save the CSV file with a name and location you are able to find easily.  You will use the import feature within your contribution software to locate the file and import the data.

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