How a Donor Updates a Pledge

This article provides steps for how a Donor updates a Pledge.

A Donor can update their Pledge so they can change the amount if necessary. However, they cannot reduce the amount less than the amount already given. And, if the Donor sets the amount equal to the balance this will complete the Pledge and cancels any gift set to fulfill the Pledge. When the Pledge amount is updated, the gift the Donor created to fulfill the Pledge is updated to reflect the new pledged amount. The Donor immediately sees a summary of the gift changes and receives an email about the change.

Complete the following steps for a Donor to update a Pledge:

1. From the Donor site go to My Gifts.

2. From the Pledges card, locate the Fund.

3. Click on the ellipsis to view the drop down menu.

4. Select Update Pledge Amount.

5. Click on Update to process.

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