ParishSoft Lockbox Pledges Exports

This article provides information about the ParishSoft Lockbox Pledges exports for online giving exporting.

ParishSoft Lockbox Pledges Legacy and ParishSoft Lockbox Pledges v9 are additional online giving export formats that are available to support Dioceses.

Some Dioceses use ParishSoft Lockbox, a third party contract, to manage their contributions. ParishSoft Lockbox collects contributions and deposits them all at once to the organization’s accounts. This option is hidden from non diocese organizations and only displays in the Church Manager Software list if the organization is a Diocese and Church Manager is not enabled.

Complete the following steps to create a Parishsoft Lockbox Pledges export:

1. From Giving click on Online Giving Exports.

2. To view a complete list of supported Church Manager Software in addition to ParishSOFT Lockbox Pledges Legacy and ParishSOFT Lockbox Pledges version 9, click on the drop down menu.

Lockbox ID is necessary for ParishSOFT Lockbox Legacy Version 9. Funds also need an external ID set in both DDM and Lockbox exports.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.




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