ACH Rejections and Corrections Report

This article provides steps to run, view and also update an ACH Corrections and Rejections Report.

To run a report and view the ACH accounts that have been corrected/rejected during a specific time frame, the ACH Corrections and Rejections report can be generated beginning from any of these three locations; Forms, Religious Education or Giving.

Complete the following steps to run the ACH Rejections and Corrections Report:

1. From Forms, Religious Education or Giving go to to Reporting.

2. Select the ACH Corrections and Rejections Report from the drop down menu.

3. Select a Report Timeframe: Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Year To Date, Last Year, or Custom Date Range.

4. Click Run Report to create a report.

Note* If there are any results within this time frame, the report will generate the details.

To Update Report:

Change reporting criteria at any time and select the Update Report icon to run the report again.

To download the data, select the Download icon and a CSV file will be created with the information.

Check this out for more information About ACH Corrections and Rejections System Impacts and Reports.

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