Create a New Term for Religious Education

This article provides information and steps on how to create a New Term for Religious Education.

Step 1 Term Configuration

1. From Religious Education go to Terms to get started creating a New Term.

2. From the drop down menu select the Term TypeVacation Bible School (VBS), Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), or Other.

Each term has a type associated with it to describe what Parish program the term was created to manage. The term type selected when creating a Term may impact the setting and options that are available for that term.

3. Enter the Term Name. The “Term Name” is how the admin identifies the Term in the system.
4. Enter the Term First Day and Term Last day. The Term Start and End Date will allow the option to select from the calendar icon or you can type in the date using the mm/dd/yyyy format.
5. Click Continue.

Step 2 – Online Registration

The next section of the Term setup opens up the ability to set the open and close dates for registration. These dates allow the registration form link to be available on the open registration date and will no longer be available after the close registration date. The dates can be typed in in mm/dd/yyyy format or the calendar icon can be utilized.

A Public Registration Link is provided and can be copied by clicking on the clipboard icon.

1. Click Continue.

Step 3 – Programs

Programs can now be created on the Term set-up (they can be edited or additional programs can be added after the Term set-up). This can help differentiate classes and fees.

1 Enter the Program Name.
2. Enter the Grade.
3. Enter the Fee.
4. Check the box if the program is eligible for discounts. (The money tag icon indicates the program is set to accept discounts.)
5. Click Add Program.

Note* An accepted program can be removed by clicking on the minus icon.
6. Click Continue.

Step 4 – Discounts

Note* Discounts are beneficial for parents signing up multiple children, if a certain registration special is running for a certain amount of time, or to overall cut costs for certain families on the registration.

Discounts can be open for the full duration of the open registration period and can be removed during the registration period if the admin only wants the discount be applied for a certain time period. The “Discount Amount” will change based on the type of discount selected.

1. Select whether discount will be a Fixed Coupon Code or a Percent Coupon Code or Automatic Multi Student (2+). Discounts allow for special codes to be shared with parents signing their children up for registration to have a percent or fixed cost taken from the total cost. 

2. Enter Discount Code. The discount code will allow up to 12 characters to be entered.
3. Enter Discount Amount.
4. Click Add Discount.

Note* To add more than one discount, click on ADD DISCOUNT again and enter another Discount Code and Discount Amount. Although, multiple discounts can be created for a term, only ONE discount can be applied towards the total cost of the registration. Click here to view how to edit/delete an existing discount from a Term.

5. Click Continue.

Step 5 – Payment Options

Note* This section will be visible if the organization has Online Giving. If Online Giving is not enabled, this section will be grayed out, except for the complete button.

Online payment allows the ability to set how the registration cost will be paid and when it will be due.

1. The default for the toggle is on (to the right) to Accept online payment of fees.
2. Click on the appropriate box or boxes to determine the frequency of the payment. (Total amount, Weekly, and Monthly) More than one option can be selected.

3. Select the Payment Due Date. (End of Registration, End of Term, or a custom date range can be created for when payment is due.)
4. Switch toggle on (to the right) to choose credit cards as an accepted form of payment. (ACH or offline payment will still be available when submitting an online registration if this option is turned off.)
5. Enter a General Ledger Account Number for accounting exporting needs.
6. Click Continue to move on to the last section.

Step 6 – Communication

1. Check the box titled Display Registration Welcome Message to create a customized message to greet the registrant when they visit the registration link. (The message can be edited from the Term dashboard.)

Note* The welcome message can be formatted (Bolded, Italicized, Underlined, or Linked) using the rich text editing tools. The option to link a website is available if additional documentation needs to be viewed by the parent/guardian registering.

2. Check the box marked Display Terms & Conditions to have Terms & Conditions added to the registration. The standard messaging can be customized using the rich text editing tools.
3. Click Complete to finish the term set-up

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.




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