Match Directory and Public Accounts

This article provides steps to match or ignore an account.

Anytime someone gives a gift through Online Giving their account shows up on Match Accounts to be matched to a current Directory Account

Email addresses are a unique identifier in the system and if the same email address has been used that is attached to the Directory Account, the account is automatically attached to the Directory Account. If no email address is found in the system, the account is matched manually. 

A match to the account can be made with the Member or the Household. Unmatched accounts can be ignored or Added as a New Family

Here are the steps to Match an Account:

1. From Giving, click on Match Accounts in the main menu.

2. From unmatched accounts, search for the member to match.
3. Select the Directory account to match the public account.

Ignore Unmatched Accounts

There may be a desire to never match a donor account with a directory account, for example, if the donor donated to a fundraiser or purchased something where the Online Giving system was used for taking visitor payments, registrations, or fees, from people who may not be members of the parish. In that case, the account may be ignored.

1. Click the ellipses (3 vertical dots).
2. Select Ignore from the drop down menu. 

Note* Once the account is ignored, the donor's information is immediately removed from the list. 

Note* The account can be matched in the system at a later date.

1. From Giving go to Accounts.
2. Click on the Account to open and view the details.

3. Click on the ellipses (3 vertical dots) to view the drop down menu.
4. Click on Match Account to Directory Entry. This adds the public account back to the Unmatched Accounts listing to be matched to the appropriate directory account later.

Follow instructions at this link to unmatch accounts.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when finished viewing.





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