Configuring Form Options

After you have completed building your form, you will need to configure the delivery and messaging options. Below is a quick explanation of each section. These configuration options can be changed even after your form is live and collecting submissions. 

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Response Recipients

The feature will allow you to be notified by email whenever a form is successfully submitted. You can add as many emails you need to by clicking the plus sign.  Each email will also contain a pdf attachment of the form submission.

Thank You Message

This is the message that will appear in a user’s browser when a form has been successfully submitted.  If left blank the user will still receive a confirmation message that their form has been successfully submitted.

Auto Reply Message

This is the message that any email addresses indicated as “use this for auto-reply emails” will receive in their inbox after a form has been submitted.  This will default to a generic thank you message, but you may customize it to whatever you want.


If you would like to allow discounts to someone submitting the form you can create one.  You can choose between a fixed discount or percentage, and you can create a Code to share that the submitter will be able to include for the discount to apply before making the payment.

Form URL Name

Part of this form URL is customizable, you can change the end of your form name here. This will default to the name of the form with spaces replaced with dashes. This field cannot contain special characters.

reCAPTCHA Protection

Set this option to include reCAPTCHA protection on your form, which will protect against unwanted automated submissions. If your form is set to accept payments this feature cannot be turned off and will be set automatically.

General Ledger Account Number

If you also use our online giving and would like to include the Form payments within an export into your contribution program, please assign the Form a General Ledger Account Number.  If you have a Fund set up within your contribution program, this would typically be the Fund ID associated with it.  Once this number is added to the Form you will see the form available within the Select Form dropdown of your Online Giving Export.  

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