About Funds

This article describes what a Fund is.

Funds are pre-defined buckets into which donations are aggregated. Each Fund may be given a Fund Number when a New Fund is created. There is no limit to the number of Funds that can be created.

Giving encompasses both Online Giving and Physical Contributions

In Giving, there are two types of Funds:

Online Funds

Internal Only Funds

A Church that has purchased both Church Manager (CM) and Online Giving (OLG) can utilize both Internal Only Funds and Online Only Funds features.

A Church that has CM includes the Internal Only Funds feature.

A Church that has OLG includes the Online Only Funds feature.

When a new Online Only Fund is created it displays on the public website page. Anyone who can access this website can give to this Fund. Every Fund has its own page and URL. Churches can publish the unique link in bulletins, etc.

Churches may not desire all Funds to be shown externally. 

Here are two reasons for an Internal Only Fund:

1. Used within the church by staff for physical contributions.
2. A Church may want the ability to keep a Fund internal for privacy reasons. 

Check this out for links to more information on Funds. Funds can be associated with Campaigns and Pledges and can be configured to stand out from other Funds as a Featured Fund.

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