Internal Only Funds

This article describes what an Internal Only Fund is and which products can view and utilize this feature.

Internal Only Funds are funds that can be used to record contributions without being available for online one-time or recurring gifts.

If both Online Giving and Church Manager are enabled there is an option to create a New Internal Only Fund. If only Church Manager is enabled, only Internal Only Funds will be seen.   

A fund can be switched from an Online Fund to a New Internal Only Fund and back again at any time if Online Giving is enabled. Any gifts scheduled on an Online Fund will remain scheduled even when the fund is switched to Internal Only.

Here are the steps to switch an online fund to a new internal only fund:

1. View desired fund detail page.
2. Click on ellipses (3vertical dots) to view the drop down list.
3. Select Make Fund Internal Internal Only from the drop down list.

Check this out for more information on Setting Up a New Internal Only Fund, or on how to Delete or Archive an Internal Only Fund. And, check this out for links to more information about Funds.

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