Early Access Overview

This article provides information about Early Access for new features.


What is Early Access?

Early Access is an opt-in process that allows you to receive value from new features as soon as possible. By opting in for Early Access, you will receive access to features as they become available, before the entire feature set is fully developed and released to all customers. Early Access in not a mandatory program; you can choose to whether or not to participate.

Currently, opting in for Early Access is done on a feature by feature and account by account basis. We may have Early Access features in the future that are opted in organization wide.

Early Access is not a customer testing program. Although the full feature set is still being developed during the Early Access period, the features released during Early Access are fully functional and have passed a complete range of security checks and usability testing. As the full feature set is being developed, the functionality  and refinement of Early Access features will be updated over time, and you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the features.

Benefits of Early Access

Early Access will typically be offered on larger, highly requested sets of features. Opting in to Early Access makes features available to you immediately, maximizing the value you receive as the entire feature set is developed. You can begin benefiting from new features right away. You will also automatically receive updates and enhancements to the Early Access features. In addition, by participating in Early Access you have the opportunity to offer feedback on features as they are being developed. By providing feedback, you can directly participate in helping us shape features to serve your needs better.

Opting In

When an Early Access feature is available, you will see an option within the application to learn more about the Early Access feature. Selecting this option provides you a brief summary of the feature, links to further information, and the ability to request access.

Note* Currently, the opt-in option is account specific, not for an entire organization. Therefore, each person who wants early access to a feature must opt in for their own account. We may have Early Access features in the future that are opted in organization-wide.

Once access is requested, we will notify you as soon as the feature is ready to be used. Once you have received notification, the new feature is available to you at your next login.

Providing Feedback

An Early Access Features banner marks pages that are included in the Early Access Feature. Feature functionality will be refined and enhanced over time as the full feature set is developed. Once opted-in for Early Access to a feature, you will automatically receive all updates to the feature as they are developed. To provide feedback on the feature, click Leave Feedback in the Early Access Feature banner at any time.


For more information, please see the Early Access Frequently Asked Questions.

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