Directory Reporting Overview

This article provides information about the types of reports that can be run from Directory Reporting and where to locate them.

Staff can run a variety of reports from Directory.

Family Contributions Report -  A Staff member can run a Family Contributions Report to view a list of families who have donated. 

Member List Report -  A Staff member can run a Member List report that pulls a list of all members in the system with specific filters. 

Sacraments Report - A Staff member can pull a list of members in the system who have received a sacrament in the parish and has had it recorded in Directory.

Parish Statistics Report - A Staff member can generate a PDF listing the number of families registered and unregistered, which includes the number of children, gender, ages, and types of families.

Envelope List Report - A User can run an Envelope List report that lists out all the families (and tracked-separately members) assigned or not assigned to an envelope list. 

Run a Tax Report for a Family or Member from the Directory - A Staff member can run a tax report from Directory.


Complete the following steps to access reporting for Directory:

1. From Directory go click on Reporting.

2. Click on the drop-down menu to view the report selection.

3. Click on the desired report.

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