Change Family Name in Directory

This article provides steps to change or edit the Family Name in Directory.

The family name is determined by the last name of the Head of Household entered into the system. The Family Formal Name and the Informal Family Name auto-populate on the Family Detail Page when added to the Directory. The family name or name style can be changed or edited at any time.


Here are the steps to change or edit the Family Name:

1. From Directory, locate the Family Details page.

2. Click on the ellipses (3 vertical dots) to view the drop down menu.

3. Select Change Name from the menu.

4. Enter the necessary changes in to the side sheet. 

5. Click on Update to process the changes.

Changes can be viewed on the Family Detail card.

Customized name style changes can be made to the Formal Name, the Informal Name, and the Family Name which are all used on envelope lists, in reports, and contact lists created during quick tasks. 

Once customized, they are no longer governed by the automated style process until a life event of Divorce, Marriage, or Death is performed for the family or members.

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