Perform Annulment

This article provides steps to annul the Marriage Sacrament in the system.

The Marriage Sacrament is annulled on the member card through the Perform Annulment Life Event. 

Note* The best practice is to Perform Divorce THEN Perform Annulment. For information on how to Perform Divorce in the system follow the steps in this article.

Here are the steps to Perform the Annulment in the system:

1. In Directory search for the desired Family. 
2. Click on the correct Family to open and view the Family Details screen. 

3. Click on Family Members on the main menu.

4. Click on View Details of the desired member.

5. Click on Sacraments from the main menu.

6. Click on View Details from the Marriage Sacrament card.

7. Click on the ellipses (3 vertical dots) to view the drop down menu.
8. Click on Perform Annulment.

9. Click on Yes, Annul to confirm your action.


Note* The exclamation point icon and gold bar can be viewed for both members when the Marriage Sacrament is annulled. 


Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.



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