Update Member Name

This article describes how to update a Member Name. 

Some circumstances may require a member’s title, first, middle, last, preferred, and/or maiden name to be updated. For example, you may need to  update the name for a married woman who previously did not take her husband's last name but now wishes to do so.

Complete the following steps to update a member's name:

  1. In Directoryenter the member name or family name to search the directory. 

  2. Click the member name to view the family member details.

  3. Click the ellipsis on the member card to view the drop-down menu.

  4. Select Update Name in the dropdown menu.

  5. On the side sheet, make the necessary change to the name: Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Preferred Name, and/or Maiden Name.

    Note* Changes to the first or last name of the head of household or spouse will update the Formal and Informal Family Names unless they have already been customized.

  6. Click Save to finish the name update.

Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.

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