Editing Using the Computer Mouse

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This article describes the different options for editing with a computer mouse.


Right-clicking the mouse will present a menu. The menu will change depending on the Row, Column, and Widget selected.

  • Edit Content – Common themes that can be seen in the Content area can include Text, Images, Links, List Items, and Accessibility features.
  • Add or Add widget below – Add will enable the ability to add Rows, Columns, Sections, Inner Rows, and Widgets.
  • Edit Design – Common themes that can be found under the Design area can include Layout, Style, Animation, and Spacing.
  • Alignments – Includes left, right, and center alignments.
  • Clear Padding Padding refers to extra space in a certain area. Clear Padding will remove that space automatically.
  • AnimationEntrance and Scroll Animations can be selected and customized.
  • Select Container – This feature will highlight the Column or Row.
  • Hide on Device – Hide on Device will hide a Row, Column, or Widget from appearing on Desktop, Tablet/Small Desktop, or on Mobile Device. When an element is hidden, an eye symbol will show under SEO & Settings. This symbol will only appear on a page where there is a hidden element.
  • Copy/Paste – When first going to the menu, the only option available will be Copy. After selecting Copy, right clicking on the element again will present the Paste option.
  • Set As Anchor – An Anchor is created for a specific area and can be used as a linking option for that anchor to transport the user to another area on the site. 
  • Edit HTML/CSS – Reach out to Tech Support for assistance embedding HTML on the site.
  • Go to Link – If there are any links attached to the Widget, this can be launched via this option.
  • Connect to data – This feature is connected to the Business Info section that is found under the Content area.
  • Delete


Left-clicking the mouse will bring up the Content and Design areas (as shown above) for that specific Row, Column, or Widget.


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