SEO & Settings

This article covers the SEO & Settings section.

SEO & Settings includes various options, such as Site Icons, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, URL Redirect, Head HTML, Backup Site, Site Language, Privacy Settings, and 404 Page.

  • Site Icons – This section includes the options to upload a Favicon, Social networks image, and Home screen icon.
  • SEOSearch Engine Optimization allows for a Site Title and Keywords or Descriptions to be entered.
  • Google Analytics – a Google Tag ID can be placed into this area to allow for a Google Analytics account to begin pulling statistics for the website. This will not affect the built-in statistics that come with the website.
  • URL Redirect – a custom URL redirect can be created from this settings option.
  • Head HTML – In some cases, HTML may need to be inserted into the Head HTML. Please reach out to Tech Support for assistance.
  • Backup Site – Backups can be both manual and automatic. A manual backup can be generated from this area by creating a version name and clicking save. Automatic backups are done each time the website is republished.
  • Site Language – By default, the language is set to English. Click on the dropdown menu to choose a different language to have your site displayed in that chosen language.
  • Privacy SettingsPrivacy page, Cookie notification, and Tracking & Site Cookies are set to off by default.
  • 404 Page – A 404 Page can display if a user visits an invalid URL. This customer 404 page can be modified.

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