This article describes the different areas of the Blog section.

Blogs can be accessed from the left-hand side of the site editor. There are several different areas of the Blog section, such as New Post, Manage Posts, Blog Settings, Edit Layout, and Import Posts.

  • New Post - New Post will allow for a blog post to be created.
  • Manage Posts – blog posts that are published or are in draft mode can be found under Manage Posts. Manage Posts have features for each blog, such as edit, post settings, preview, duplicate, delete, and republish.
  • Blog Settings – Blog Settings entails an area to create a Blog name and filling out the RSS Feed details.
  • Import Posts – Under Import Posts, an RSS feed URL can be pasted into this area if there are blogs stored on another provider. Providing this URL will begin to import blogs over into the website, up to 300 posts.

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