Text Widget

This article describes how to use the Text Widget.

  1. In the left panel, click Widgets to open the widgets panel. Search for Text Widget by browsing through the list or using the widget search bar.
  2. Left-click and drag the widget to the location you want in the site. A blue placement indicator appears.
  3. The widget appears in the location shown by the blue placement indicator.

When dragging-and-dropping a widget to your site, note the text in the blue placement indicator:

  1. Insert here - The widget will be added to an existing row or column
  2. Insert in new row - A new row will be added and the widget will be placed inside of it
  3. Insert in new column - A new column will be added to the row, and the widget will be placed inside of it

  1. Bold
  2. Italicize
  3. Underline
  4. Change Text Color
  5. Paragraph – choosing a Global Text Design
  6. Font Size
  7. Font
  8. Link
  9. Text Alignment
  10. Text Spacing
  11. Bulleted List
  12. Numbered List
  13. Text Direction
  14. Connect to Data
  15. Clear Format
  16. Undo
  17. Redo
  18. Green Check Mark – to save changes.

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