Share a Mission Pathways Form Link

This article provides information and steps to share a Mission Pathways form link.

Whenever you Create an Encounter Session or Create a Grow Group, a default participant registration form and/or volunteer registration form is automatically created with a unique web address (url). You can also customize each form with a wide variety of form items and formatting options. When you are ready to share your participant form link or volunteer form link, it can be copied and pasted to be shared with your webmaster, placed in an email or text, or added to another communication of your choice.

Complete the following steps to share your Mission Pathways form link:

Locating the Form

1. Go to the Encounter module or Grow module to view the overview page.

2. Locate and click the session or group for which you want to share the link.

3. Click Forms in the main menu (for a session) or in the Group Detail card (for a group). The Forms page appears, listing the form(s) created for the session or group. Forms with an active online link are indicated by a green dot.

You can access the form link either directly though the Forms page or in the form editor:

Forms Page

1. On the Forms page, click the show link iconThe form link window appears, displaying the link url.

2. Click Copy Link To Clipboard to copy the form link. 

Form Editor

1. On the Forms page, click the form title to access the form editor.

2. In the form editor, click the Show Link button. The form link window appears, displaying the link url.

3. Click Copy Link To Clipboard to copy the form link. 

The link can now be shared with your webmaster for distribution or shared with prospective participants or volunteers. To share the link, paste it (press ctrl+v on your keyboard or right-click and then select paste) into an email, website, text message, or another form of communication.

Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.

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