About Multiple Merchant Deposit Accounts

This article describes what the feature multiple merchants is and how it works in the system.

The system supports the ability for an organization to have multiple merchant deposit accounts. The technical support team sets it up and assigns the product appropriately. For Online Giving specifically, multiple merchants can be set up for the Online Giving platform. The desired merchant can be chosen on a per fund basis. The individual selections, allow for the money, on a per fund basis, to be directed to different accounts.

Once multiple merchants are enabled by support, the user can view the different merchants that have been set up on the settings card. An Online Giving administrator can edit a deposit account to give it a nickname to help their staff quickly recognize the various accounts.

When an administrator sets up a new fund, whether it’s an internal or public fund, if the organization has multiple merchant deposit accounts, the administrator is given the opportunity to select the desired account from a list of deposit accounts. The appropriate forms of payment that are enabled will present to be selected from as well. These accounts can be changed at any time for any fund in the system, and fund settings can be edited any time. Technical support can edit a merchant record for an organization so updates to existing merchant records can be completed as needed. Merchants can be added and deleted by technical support.

The enabled Deposit Account can be viewed on a the public and internal Fund Summary screen.

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