About Filters in Quick Tasks

This article provides information about the Filters in Quick Tasks.

Create groups using filters when creating reports or performing quick tasks. Families and Individuals can be filtered using a variety of options. Filters can be created with many filter combinations.

The filters Tags, Demographics, Status and Before Registration Date are shown by default.

Click on the funnel to provide additional filters.

Each filter section has its own unique set of filters to drill down into data to allow the user to perform a variety of quick tasks. This information is set in settings.

Tags Filter

This list is unique to your organization based on the tags that are applied to families and individuals. Tags are not “family only” or “individual only,” rather they can be applied to a family and an individual as necessary. Remember when selecting tags the system returns families with all tags selected. Filtering for more than one tag reduces results. Select the desired tags from the drop-down.

Demographics Filter

Gender: Filter for only males or only females. If this section is left blank, the system does not consider gender in the results.

Member Type: Ask for only Families (Households) or Individuals (members). If “Families” are selected here, do not select any other attributes as they are all individual attributes.

Language: Selecting multiple languages returns families or individuals with any of these languages listed on their account.

Type: This filters individuals with a specific member type. It returns individuals with any of these types.

Ethnicity: Selecting multiple ethnicities returns families or individuals with any of these ethnicities listed on their account.

Status Filter

The status returns families or individuals who are labeled as active, inactive, or deceased.

Before Registration Date

With this filter,  select families or individuals who registered before a particular date. Enter a date in this format: MM/DD/YYYY (2 digit month, 2 digit date, 4 digit year).

Selecting Active or Inactive provides results for contributors who are either active or inactive.

Once filters have been selected, the Apply Filters button is clicked to begin performing quick tasks (each has its own article) or toggle to View Results to navigate to an individual or family from the list.

View Results

Click here for more information on Quick Tasks. 

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