About Custom Online Exports

This article provides a general summary and steps for the various custom online exports available to use when an organization does not have OSV Church Manager.

There are several custom exports available for both Church Manager Export Software and Accounting Exports for different church management systems. If an organization does not have OSV Church Manager, they can export their data using one of the available exports. (See a complete list below.) The export creates files in the format that the user’s church management systems expect.

In each of these exports, data is extracted out in the file format that is required by their various church management systems. And then, the data file that is exported out of the user’s system is imported into their church management system.

Here are steps to Export data based on what is selected using various Church Manager Export Software:

1. From Giving go to Online Giving Exports.

2. Make an export selection from the dropdown list from either Church Management Software or continue to scroll down to Accounting Exports.

3. Select a Date Range.

4. Select the Fund(s). (Search is available. Click the top box to select all funds.)

5. Enter the ParishSOFT ID if exporting for ParishSOFT Family Suite, ParishSOFT Family Suite with Pledges, or ParishSOFT Isidore.

6. Enter the Lockbox ID if exporting for ParishSoft Lockbox Pledges 9V.

7. Enter the Post Date if exporting for the Shelby System software.

8. Check the box to Include guest accounts if desired.
9. Check the box to Only export contributions not yet exported if desired.

10. Additionally, check the box, if desired, to include accounts that do not have envelope numbers if using export for Other.

11. Click on EXPORT to process.

Here is a list of available Church Manager Export Software:

ACS Technologies
Church Management Solutions
DDM Contributions
DDM Pledges
Gabriel Software

Other (Legacy) – This is a generic data export of all transactions. It is a “catch all” of all the transaction data and can be used it to get data out of the system. The file can be adjusted and then imported into any church management system for which there is no other specific export yet. It could also be used if the user needs to get a generic listing of transactions out of the system. It is called Legacy because it is in the format of the OSV Legacy system.
ParishSOFT Desktop Family Suite
ParishSOFT Family Suite 
(Requires a ParishSoft ID)
ParishSOFT Family Suite with Pledges
(Requires a ParishSoft ID)
ParishSOFT Isidore (Requires a ParishSoft ID)
ParishSoft Lockbox Pledges 9V (Requires a Lockbox ID)
Power Church
Servant Keeper
Shelby System (Requires a Post Date)

Here is a list of available Accounting Exports:

ParishSoft Accounting Software

Click here for information specifically on Accounting Exports and here for more articles on exports.

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