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This article provides information about the Find People feature.

Use the power of the Mission Suite to find potential volunteers, your next leaders, or even those who have not been spiritually active.

The cornerstone of evangelization is to help transform people to serve God and evangelize others. To do this, you must first identify who is participating in the events hosted by your parish and what their experiences are. The Mission Suite created a powerful search and extract tool called Find People to provide exactly the data you need to succeed in becoming a missional church. 

When creating a search to find people, filters can be used to select specific attributes that you want the search engine to locate. The interface is designed to help you create a new search, select a saved search, or modify an existing search. Searches can be renamed, duplicated or removed.

Existing searches can be located using a filter to present the name of the search from A to Z or Z to A. An existing search can also be located by selecting date ranges for when it was created or modified.

Filters can be used to locate people using Personal Information, or filters to identify a person's past experiences using the Encounter Experiences and Grow Experiences, to help you locate exactly what you want.  Additionally, people may be located by looking at who has or has not been involved in any engagement with any specific Strategic efforts.


Click here to see how Find People can help you target the specific individuals you want to reach for possible volunteer roles, people with leadership potential, or people you have not interacted with in a while. 

Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing. 


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