Assign a Religious Education Teacher to a Class from Directory

This article provides information about assigning a Religious Education teacher from the Directory to a class within the Religious Education module.

Any member in the Directory can be assigned as a teacher to a class from the Religious Education module. A teacher should have a Safe Environment Certificate and have it recorded on their account in Directory with the date of certification as well as the expiration date. Multiple teachers may be assigned.


Complete the following directions to add a teacher to a class:

1. To begin, follow the steps here for information on how to add a class.

When adding a class you have the opportunity to assign multiple teachers from the Directory by entering the teacher’s name into the form. The search field populates active and inactive individuals for you. To be searchable, the teacher has to have been added to the Directory prior to this step.

2. To add another teacher, click on Add Teacher.

3. Continue to follow the directions  here to complete adding the class.

View the steps:











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