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This article describes a feature available through Early Access, and the following information only applies to Early Access for this feature. To learn more, please see Early Access Overview.


This article provides steps to add filter conditions in Data Explorer.

Adding filter conditions allows you to refine your results to find the precise information you need. As you add filter conditions, the results card displays only records matching conditions you select. After you have added the filter conditions you need, you can further customize the results card and export the data.


Complete the following steps to add filter conditions in Data Explorer:

1.  To begin, Select a Data Source to search. The data source determines which type of records are displayed in the results. During Early Access, the available data sources are Directory Families and Members.

2. Click the Add Condition (plus sign) icon to add the first condition.

3. In the Entity drop-down menu, Select an Entity: Family or Member.

Once selected, the Entity type is listed on the condition.

4. Select an Attribute in the drop-down menu. Attributes are data points associated with the entity type, and different attributes are therefore displayed for different entities.

Note* Attributes marked with an arrow contain further selections to be made. For example, In the Address attribute, you must select the address type (Primary, Alternate, or Current Address), and then select an aspect of the address (Street, City, State, or Zip Code).

5. Select the Operator for the attribute. The operators available depend on the attribute selected.

6. If applicable, Enter or Select the Value to complete the condition.

Note* You can add multiple conditions to further refine your results. The Results card displays only the records that match all your conditions. That is, setting more conditions generally results in fewer, more precise results.

To add another condition, click the Add Condition (plus sign) icon.

To remove a condition, click the Remove Condition (minus sign) icon.

As you add conditions, the Results card is automatically updated with records from the data source that match the conditions you set.

After adding all the conditions you need, you can further customize the columns displayed in the Results card, and export the data.

Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.

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