Add Public and Private Notes in Directory

This article provides information about how to add public and private notes in Directory.

Notes can be added to individual members or to families. Notes can be edited or deleted at any time. They can be public (all directory admin users can see them) or private (only directory admin users who also have private notes permissions  on their account can see them).

Complete these steps to add a note:

1. From either the Family Details page or the Member Details page, select Add Note.

 Family Details Screen

 Member Details Screen

2. Enter as much information as needed.

If the Administrator has the user permission to add private notes, the toggle is viewable to turn on to make the note private, and hide it from all users who do not have the private notes permission.

3. Click Save

The note is added to either the Family or Member page depending on where the note was initiated. 

The lock icon indicates a note is marked as private. Directory admin users who do not have permission to view private notes would not see that a note has been created on the account.

Click here for more information about public and private notes.

Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing. 

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