Contributions Chart for Families and Members

Contributions and Online Giving Public Accounts can be attributed to either the family or the individual member. The member’s contributions page will feature only contributions attributed to them individually. All member contributions plus contributions attributed to the family will appear on the Family Contributions page. Each page is set up with the same information.

To access this information choose “Contributions” from the left-side menu on the family screen.

To access the member’s information click on “Family Members” then Details for that individual and then Contributions from their side menu.

The contributions page has an abbreviated heading card with only the Family Name and the Envelope #.

Below you will see some charts and graphs summarizing the contributions for that family.

Giving By Fund indicates which funds they have donated to year to date (all of the current calendar year).

Giving By Source indicates how they have contributed year to date. Web is through the OSV Online Giving program in OSV HUB while Physical is contributions you have either added via offerings or imported from another online giving program.

The items on the right-hand side are rounded to the nearest dollar telling you the Total Giving for this family or member year to date, their Average Gift this year and the number of Upcoming Gifts in the next 30 days.

Below you will see a comparison chart. This compares the current month to that same month in the previous year. This article is being written in September of 2019, so from January to September the system is comparing 2019 to 2018. From October to December it is comparing 2018 to 2017. This shows total giving and is not separated out by gift source or fund.

Below are listed all contributions attributed to that family. For physical contributions you entered via offerings or imported, you are able to click on a kebab menu and “delete” or “edit.” Note this will open in a side sheet and any changes will affect your batch information in the giving area.

Overview of Contributions Page for Families and Members

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