Public and Private Notes

Notes can be added to individual members or to families. They can be public (meaning that all directory admin users can see them) or private (meaning that only directory admin users who also have ‘private notes’ permissions to their account can see them).

Adding a note to a family or member page works the same way. From the Family Member Details page select “add note.”

If no notes have been added, you’ll see a purple button.

The notes creation box will pop up.

If the directory admin creating the note does not have the user permission for ‘private notes’ then they will not be able to mark a note as private. If they do, they’ll see the below “add note” screen with a tooltip about private notes.

Type in as much information as you need for the note and then click save. The note will be added to the family or member screen.

Click the kebab menu on the right and click edit to view the full note or delete to remove the note.

Remember that when you delete there is no undo. The note is gone forever.

If a note was marked as private you will see this notification.

Directory admin users who do not have permission to view private notes will not even see that a note has been created on this account.

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