Accounting Exports for Online Giving

This article provides information about and steps to run the Accounting Export.

Online Giving supports exporting your data for accounting purposes. The Accounting Export creates a file containing deposits for use with your accounting system. You can use the Accounting Export to group deposits by batch, date, or transaction to support your particular accounting methodology.


Complete the following steps to run the Accounting Export:

1. In Giving, select Online Giving Exports in the main menu.

2. Select your required Accounting Export type: QuickBooks, ParishSOFT Accounting, or Other.

  • QuickBooks - creates an iif file that can be imported into QuickBooks.
  • ParishSOFT Accounting - creates a text file in the format that can be imported into ParishSOFT.
  • Other - creates a csv file.

3. Select a Date Range for the export: Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Year to Date, Last Year, or Custom Date Range. Contributions / payments processed within the date range are included in the report.

4. Select contribution and payment types to Create Deposits for: Offline Giving Contributions, Online Giving Contributions, Form Payments, and/or Religious Ed Payments. Search is available if needed. To select all, select the box at the top of the list.

5. Select the deposit grouping option: Batch, Date, or Transaction.

  • Batch - creates a single deposit entry for each General Ledger (GL) number within a batch, within the specified date range. Transactions without a batch are grouped into a single batch of their own. Transactions without a GL number are grouped together.
  • Transaction - creates a separate deposit entry for each transaction.
  • Date - creates a deposit entry for each GL number and day within the specified date range. Transactions without a GL number without a GL number are grouped together. 

6. To only export contributions not yet exported, select the checkbox.

7. Click the Export button to run the export.


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