Refund a Contribution in Online Giving

Once you log in to the OSV Hub, select Giving and then Funds.

You will see a list of all your existing Funds.  To edit a Fund, select the kebab to the right and choose Details.To issue a refund, click the kebab to the right of the contribution and click Refund.

You must select a refund reason from the dropdown and then click Submit.

The refund will process for the full amount and you will now see the line in yellow with the refund icon

Hover over this icon to see more details of why the refund was issued.

A refund can also be issued from the donor account.  Select Accounts and then use the search field to locate the donor you wish to refund.

Select the kebab to the right of the donor you wish to refund, then select View Detail.

From the donor details screen, select the dropdown arrow on Transaction History to see the list of contributions for this donor. Click the kebab to the right of the contribution you wish to refund and select Refund.

Overview Video of Issuing a Refund



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