This article describes the steps for creating a personalization rule.

Personalize your site using different Actions such as a New RowNotification BarPopup, JavaScript, or Special Effects.

Under Personalize, there are several different templates to choose from for a specific Action. Build your own can be selected to build an Action from scratch. 



Complete the following steps to use personalization to build your own Action:

1. In the left menu, click on Personalize and select Build rule under the Build your own area.


2.  Select a Rule and Trigger. A Trigger can be specific by DeviceLocationTimeVisits, and Campaign URL. For the Action to display to all visitors, click on the checkbox. 


Device – A choice can be made for what device type(s) display the Action.
Location – A physical location can be chosen for which visitors receive the Action.
Time – A specific time can be chosen for when the Action can be displayed.
Visits – Specifies the number of visits it takes for a visitor to see the Action.
Campaign URL – A specific URL will cause the Action to display.

3. Click Next.  

4. Choose the Action of choice.

New Row
Notification Bar
Special Effect


5. Click Next. 


6. Choose the page for the Action to popup.


7. Determine the timing for the Action to display on the page. (Immediately, or after a determined number of seconds.)


8. Click Next.


9. Customize the Action by right clicking and using your mouse, or dragging widgets to the desired location.


10. Click on Done once you have completed your popup. 


11. Name the Rule.

12. Click on Save rule.

Note* The video is best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing. 

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