Account Types

This article provides information on three Account Types.

There are three Account Types that could be tied to a Donor; a managed account, a regular account, and a guest donor account. Icons help identify the various Account Types in the system. 


  • silhouette with gear is managed account
  • silhouette with no icon is a “regular” account
  • silhouette with question mark is a guest donor


A Managed Account is identical to a public account except there are no credentials required. The organization must first set up the ability to Manage Accounts in Settings for the Add a Managed Account button to be visible to set up a Managed Account for a donor. A Managed Account is used when a Donor would like the church to manage the account and possibly any correspondence.

A first time Donor has the opportunity to create a public Regular Account with a password which saves the information in the system so they can come back and donate in the future without have to repeatedly provide information.

Guest Donors are those who did not register Account information with Online Giving but have chosen to give online to the church.


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