About Activity History

This article provides information about Activity History cards.


An administrator can view activity history. Data changes performed within the system such as they relate to forms, funds, donors, religious education etc., activates an activity which is recorded and viewable as a listing of changes called Activity History


Any data changes performed within the system as they relate to offering activities are recorded and viewable as a listing of changes in the Activity History section and can be viewed by clicking on Activity in the main menu. If an offering is deleted, the activity will be deleted as well.

An Activity card is viewable when a transaction has been voided as well as for Directory Activity.

Activity History cards are continuously being implemented and will be available to be viewed on many features within the system.

The Activity History card is located in the main menu. Here is an example of how to locate Activity History for a donor account in the Giving module.

1. From Giving go to Accounts and click on the desired donor account to view the Donor Detail screen.  

2. Locate Activity in the main menu. 

3. Click on Activity to view the Activity History card.

Note* All donor transactions are viewable on the Activity History card. 




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