Campaign Details

This article provides information on the individual details provided for a specific campaign and its progress.

A campaign is created to help raise money for a designated period of time and is tied to a fund. An administrator can be view the status of the campaign's progress at any time. 


Complete the following steps to locate and view campaign details:

1. From Giving go to Dashboard.

2. Click on the title of the campaign to view the Campaign Details. 


Note* The campaign details are located at the bottom of the Fund card.

Campaign Details provided: 

  • Dates of Campaign- the beginning and ending dates of the campaign
  • Collected - the amount of money that has been received for the campaign 
  • Committed to goal - this includes the amount of money collected as well as any money that has been committed through a pledge
  • Behind - the amount of money that the campaign is behind based on an equal distribution of money coming into the campaign over the course of the campaign
  • To Goal - the difference between the goal amount and what has been committed
  • Days past goal- How many days since the campaign ended
  • Last Refreshed- Date and time of the last data update
  • Days to goal - the number of remaining days until the campaign end date
  • Donors - the number of donors that have given to this campaign
  • Account participation - the percent of donors that have given to this campaign compared to the total number of donors in the system
  • Gifts - the number of distinct gifts that were not pledges that have been given to the campaign
  • Average gift - the average gift amount given to this campaign
  • Pledges - the number of pledges that have been made to the campaign
  • Average Pledge - the average pledge amount given to this campaign

Check this out to see more information on Campaign Dashboard Cards or Campaign Reports.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Click Esc on your keyboard when you are finished viewing.





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