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This article includes information about the Forecast Report.

The Forecast Report provides a projection for an organization of all the gifts that are set up within the system from the the next day’s date onward. It’s purpose is to forecast giving for a point in time so the Church will know what money might be coming in the future.

The Forecast report lists donors who will give and provides the amount they will give each month onward to the selected forecast date. The start date of the report is always the next day and does not include any of the gifts that had come in on the current day. The report will project from the next day up to the day specified when configuring the report.

The report does not just automatically project to the end of the month without selecting the last day of the month when configuring the report to get the month’s projection. (Example: If the 17th of the month is selected, then the report projects the giving from the current date up to the 17th, not through the end of the month.)

When running the Forecast Report the user sets up the end date to project to, selects the Funds to do the projection on, and selects a “sort by” of either envelope number or last name.  The report looks at all the scheduled and recurring gifts that are set up in the system for these funds and projects out all the gifts starting with the current month and going until the month that was specified as the end date.

Every month the amount of money that will be given for each donor for that particular month can be determine and projected out.


  1. In the example Report below, Adam Johnson is giving $100 for the next 4 months and then his gift ends. We know he either had four $100 gifts, or he had a recurring gift with an end date, or he could have had a Pledge that was set up to end by a particular point in time. The report doesn’t give the context but it does let you know that Adam’s giving is going to stop on this month and he will have given a total of $400 dollars at the end of the year if nothing else changes.
  2. For every donor in the system we can get a total for each of those donors.
  3. Down at the bottom of each Fund there are groupings within the Fund so we can get a projection for each month for each Fund and also a total projection for that particular Fund.
  4. At the bottom of the report provides a grand total for all of the Funds we have selected. So, we can see that we have a little over $23,000.00 projected to come into the church for these three Funds by the end of the year.

Check this out for information on how to run a Forecast Report.

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