Add Billing Payment Methods

This article provides information on how to add a billing payment method.

Payment methods may be added to an account for one time or automatic payments.


Complete the following steps to add a billing payment method:

1. Click on Billing in the main menu.

2. Click Payment Methods.

3. Click Add Payment Method.

4. Select the account type: Banking Account or Credit Card.

Note* Both bank account and credit card (except American Express) payment methods may be used.

Bank Account

5. Enter a Nickname for the account.

6. Select the Bank Account Type: Checking or Savings.

7. Enter the Routing Number.

8. Enter the Account Number.

9. Click Add Payment Method to add the account.

Credit Card

10. Enter a Nickname for the credit card.

11. Enter the Cardholder Name.

12. Enter the Card Number.

13. Select the Expiration Month and Expiration Year.

14. Click Add Payment Method to add the credit card.

Multiple payment method accounts can be set up. Repeat the process for each payment method.

Note* Visual steps are best viewed at full screen. Press Esc on your keyboard when finished viewing.

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