About the Mission Suite Mobile Application

This article provides information about the Mission Suite Mobile Application.

At this time, mobile device use is only supported for the Encounter module using an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

The main use case is to move people around in table groups and to take the Volunteer's and Participant's attendance. There are many more uses. 

Downloading the application and logging in is easy. Click here for more information on how to download iOS and click here for more information on how to download Android.

Facilitate Sessions

  • View session details
  • Manage group assignments
  • Take individual or group attendance

Sessions can be viewed on the Home page by looking at just the current sessions and retreats, those that were completed or all of them at once. 

This is the Home page. Clicking the house icon when you see it takes you back to the Home page.

By clicking on a session, the details of the session, participants and volunteers can be viewed. More information is available by clicking on the corresponding arrow. Click on the blue icon for session meeting information, and to take attendance.

Or click on the Number of Meetings and Attendance arrow to take attendance.

Reach Your People

  • View participant and volunteer information
  • Send texts and emails to individuals or groups

Send texts, emails, or call volunteers and participants. From the home page, locate the session of the desired Participant. Click on the Participant and click on call, text, or email.

View Message Outbox

  • See emails and texts sent from completed and ongoing sessions

Click on the envelope icon and select a session to view sent texts and emails.

At this time volunteers and participants can be added and you can move people around table groups, but you cannot add table groups. 

Viewing your account details, reaching out to support or logging out are completed in Settings.


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