Public Gift Options

This article provides information about public gift options.

When creating a fund in the fund wizard, staff members are able to restrict the gift types so that donor's cannot set up certain types of gifts on certain funds.

There may be funds, especially campaigns, where the church might like all gifts to be pledges. To be able to better track the progress of a campaign, organizations like the option to be able to turn off non-pledge gifts on certain funds or campaigns so that all the gifts are pledges.

By checking the box in the Public Settings section of the fund wizard, the staff member can choose to display the fund on the public giving site prior to selecting the public gift options.

The options that are able to be selected from the drop down menu in the fund wizard are to accept gifts only, pledges only, or gifts and pledges

This restriction limits the availability of those gift types on the public site, but does not restrict staff members from setting up those gift types as managed gifts.

The results of the settings are visible to the donor on the public site.

Click here for information on editing public gift options in fund settings.

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