Preselect a Parish for Gifts

This article provides information on how a diocese can direct donors to give a gift using a link with a preselected parish so they can easily track specific donations.

The Diocese can lock down a fund so a gift is attributed to a specific preselected parish or organization so they can track the data through an External ID. The link a Dioceses provides to donors sends them directly to the fund detail page. The donor cannot change the preselection. This feature is primarily used by the diocese but available to anyone using the organization feature.

Examples: A diocese can direct donors to give a preselected gift, or pledge. Here is what the donor sees.

If the ability to preselect is not used, the donor is presented with a drop-down list to select their desired parish or organization on behalf of which they want to attribute their gift.

Click here for more information on how to download a list of links from the staff side fund details context menu into a CSV format.  Check this out for more information on Associated Organizations.

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