About Mission Pathways Encounter Module

This article provides an overview of the Mission Pathways Encounter module.

Encounter is your first step of four modules in the Mission Pathways Suite: Encounter, Grow, Accompany, and Inform. Encounter helps you administratively so you can spend more time and energy growing disciples. Information can be centralized that may currently be stored on multiple spreadsheets across various computers.

With Mission Pathways Encounter module, you are able to register participants and volunteers for events like Alpha, Christ Life, Light of the World, and other evangelization experiences using automatically generated registration forms, available in both English and Spanish. The retreats or sessions that are associated with your evangelization experiences can be organized from Encounter, whether it’s a single day retreat or one that covers multiple days. The retreat can also be for more than one of the current active sessions. 

You can automatically assign registered participants to small groups, or discussion tables, or even breakout rooms. You can connect volunteers to their responsibilities, and easily see the roles that are yet to be filled. 

You can manage your meals and comply with participants food restrictions, and provide that vital information to your caterer. Or, assign meal prep volunteers to their roles. Two food reports are available to help you administer your Encounter Session: the Food Volunteers report and the Food Notes and Budget report.


Your child care coordinator is able to retrieve information on how many children will be attending along with their ages. 

Optional attendance recording can help you with critical follow up. 

Communication is an essential part of evangelization and you are able to directly email or text to your participants and volunteers right from within the program or mobile device. The communication history helps you understand more about an individual's faith journey. 

Having a record of participants feedback provides you with the vital information that you need about their discipleship journey. Decisions can be made about future evangelization events or discipleship efforts based on this feedback. 

Each of the experiences that a person has participated in at the church can be viewed, and this allows you to visualize where you have been most effective in reaching this person, know when they are ready for another group or experience, or ready to be a new leader in your faith community. 

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