About the Mission Pathways Enterprise Application

This article provides a brief overview of the Mission Pathways Enterprise application.

The Enterprise application supports organizations with structure below them, like a diocese with churches. Those can be organized more discreetly as well: within areas or regions, vicariates or deaneries. There also may be churches and families of parishes where there are multiple organizations within a certain hierarchy. 

The Enterprise module is flexible and can be set up as a people based hierarchy, an organizational based hierarchy, or a combination of both with parent child type relationships

Example: People based hierarchy


With an Organization based hierarchy, on the Organization screen, you can view all of your organizations and on the Key People screen you can see all of the people that are affiliated with the organizations. People may be a part of multiple organizations at the staff level.

Designating a focus area for the organization supports tying the goals of the organization to activities, such as evangelization or discipleship. 

On the Organization tab, click on the arrows to expand and view all organizations and their hierarchy. The Area of Focus that has been prioritized for each organization is viewable on this screen. More can be added or deleted at any time.

You can click on the individual organizations to access more detailed information about the organization, key people and notes. 

Notes can also be added from the Organization screen.  

Example: Organization based hierarchy

Key People

Click on the Key People tab to view key people affiliated with the organizations listed on the Organization screen. 

Key People work with their designated parishes.  They help deliver events, such as Enhanced Marriages, that support the assigned Areas of Focus for the organization.

Here you can view each key person's name, the organizations they belong to, their role title, email address, and phone number. Key People can be affiliated with multiple organizations. 

You can click on the individual Key Person for more detailed information about them. Key People can be added by clicking on the Add Person icon.

Note* Key People do not have logins. To create a login for a Key Person, go over to the Mission Pathways application. Click here for more information on how to move between the Mission Pathways Enterprise Application and the Mission Pathways Church Application.

Search and Filter

The Search and Filter features are viewable when on either the Organization or the Key People screens. Valuable information can be found using the Filter feature. For instance, you can look up everyone that is new within the last three months and invite them to come to the diocese for an orientation. 

Opening the Filter feature, and using the Relationship Status Indicator filter, staff members can track relationships to view the interactions with the church and the level of communication. The Relationship Status Indicator can be turned on or off at any time. Filtered results can be exported.




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