2023 Release Notes

The following is a list of quarterly releases. Each released feature offers a summary of the feature and a link to an article in the knowledge base with more information.


Q4 2023


Associated Organizations Fund Restrictions


With this release we have provided the flexibility to restrict which associated organizations are viewable for donors to select from when contributing to funds. 

The ability to limit which Associated Organizations are able to be viewed by donors allows the administrator to restrict or exclude organizations like schools, or cemeteries, etc.), thus preventing those organizations from being selected.

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Pledge Information on Statement and Thank You Emails 


With this release a donor can receive a pledge statement thank you note email, in which they can view the name of the fund, their donations, progress and how much they have left to fulfill their pledge for the particular fund. This is significant because a donor may pledge to many different funds. 

Within the Thank You email is the My Gifts button which is a link provided to the donor to take them directly to their online donor account, if they desire to make a gift.

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Other Choice Option
Church Manager

This release provides the option, when configuring custom fields, to include a choice titled "Other," that then provides an opportunity for a value to be entered that is not available to select from a custom field's list.  This choice option provides flexibility to pick and choose when to be used. Providing this ability ensures specialized information can be recorded and tracked for families and members in Directory.

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Family List Report  
Church Manager     

This release introduces the Family List report. The Family List report supersedes the Family Contribution report, providing enhanced reporting capabilities with the option to filter the report by virtually all data on the family record, including contribution information. The flexible report interface gives the ability to show and hide report filters to help retrieve desired information. Download the report as a CSV, PDF, or Excel file.

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Enhanced Gift Notes Report
Church Manager and Giving

The Gift Notes report is available to both Online Giving and Church Manager customers, and you can run the report for both physical and online gifts. Use the Gift Notes report to quickly find gifts that have associated notes recorded in the system.

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Q3 2023

Download and Print Sacramental Certificate

Church Manager     


To help you provide sacramental information to your members, you can download and print Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, and Marriage certificates prepopulated with a member's sacramental information from the system. Prepopulated printable certificates are available in the member's sacrament details. 


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Early Access and Custom Fields  
Church Manager     


This release introduces Early Access, an opt-in process that allows you to receive value from new features as soon as possible. By opting in for Early Access, you receive access to new features as they become available, and have the opportunity to provide feedback on features, helping us shape features to best meet your needs. The first feature offered for Early Access is Custom Fields, which allows you to create unique fields to to gather additional information specific to your organization.

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Family Level Email  
Church Manager     

In addition to recording emails for individual Directory members, you can also set an email for a family, helping you communicate with your members and keep their information up to date. The family email will be available during registration and is displayed on the Family Details page. The family email is integrated across the system, making it available for use in a variety of imports, exports, quick tasks, and reports.


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Enhanced Member List Report 

Church Manager     


The enhanced Member List Report supports expanded reporting capabilities that provide you the option to filter the report by virtually all data on the member record. A flexible interface enables you to show and hide report filters to help you find the information you want. A new data control also allows you to filter results by customizable dates and ranges.


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Q2 2023

Offering Report  

The Offering Report, which includes summary and detail versions, allows Church Manager customers to export a pdf, csv, or excel file with offering batches information for a specified date range. You can also filter the report by batch state and sort the report by batch date, offering name, or deposit date. Although you can update your report options at any time, the system remembers your most recent choices each time you run the report to make the reporting process more efficient.

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Dismiss Address Changes  
Church Manager

This release supports dismissing address change suggestions with or without making updates to an address. You can now dismiss the changes that do not need to be made, helping you keep your address information organized and updated.

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Envelope List Report  
Church Manager 

An Envelope List Report can be run that details all the families (and tracked-separately members) assigned or not assigned to an envelope list. You can sort the results by envelope number or last name and also export the report as a pdf, csv, or excel file. The report can be run from both the Envelope List Detail page, and Directory reporting. 

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Sacrament Report Update  
Church Manager

An enhanced Sacraments Report provides an increased range of reporting options giving you the capability to filter the report by timeframe, sacrament(s), administering clergy, and location. The report now includes a more robust set of information for each sacrament, and you can also download the report as a CSV, PDF, or Excel file.

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Set Pledge End Date  
Church Manager


The recording process for pledges supports setting a pledge end date, giving you greater control of the information recorded for pledges. You can set a specific pledge end date when you record a batch of pledges and when you update a specific pledge.


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Enhanced Pledge Import  
Church Manager

With an enhanced pledge import, the import process no longer requires csv file headers and values to be space and case sensitive, allowing for greater flexibility in preparing your csv file for import. In addition, closed, historical pledges can now be imported into the system. If the contributions match the total amount pledged, the system automatically marks the pledge as complete.

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Prepopulated Sacrament Information  
Church Manager

To help you efficiently and accurately enter members' information, the demographic and/or Baptismal information recorded in directory is automatically prepopulated when you record the sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, and First Holy Communion) or Matrimony. You can still edit this information any time as needed.

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Q1 2023

Merge Families   
Church Manager

A new option on the side menu of the family and member page allows you to merge two families in Directory to help remove duplicate data from your system. The Data associated with one family account (called the source family) is merged into another family account (called the target family), and the source family and data are then removed.   

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Accounting Export Grouping Options   
Church Manager   

The Online Giving accounting Export can export your data to group deposits by batch, date, or transaction to support your particular accounting methodology. The Accounting Export creates a file containing deposits for use with your accounting system. For added convenience, the system automatically remembers your last grouping choice each time you run the export.    

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Religious Education Registration Page Updates   
Religious Education

The registrations page update makes it easier to manage your registrations. All registrations are listed within the same card and can be filtered by their payment status, approval status, or whether they include attachments. Registrations that have been previously rejected can also be included. Attached sacramental certificates can be downloaded for the group or per individual registration.

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Tax Report Administrator Signature    
Church Manager, Giving

The Tax Report supports adding an administrator's signature. Upload an image of the administrator's signature to the tax report to be included on the contribution letter. Run the Tax report with or without a signature image. The signature is conveniently saved in the system and used each time you run the report. 

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Summary and Detail Tax Report   
Church Manager, Giving

Run the tax report in both summary and detail formats when you run it from the reporting menu in Giving. The summary format lists the total donations for each fund. The detail format provides fund totals along with a detailed list of all individual contributions. Generate a contribution letter for all donors in your system, including families, individuals who are tracked separately, and donors not associated with a family or tracked separately individual. 

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