2024 Release Notes

The following is a list of quarterly releases. Each released feature offers a summary of the feature and a link to an article in the knowledge base with more information.


Q2 2024

Updated Online Registration for Directory


This release provides a side sheet that summarizes the changes the user has made to a registration as they work through the registration. This change aligns visually with other registration processes currently in the system making the registration process easier for the user to understand and use. 

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Early Access and Data Explorer

Data Tools

With this release a user is provided the opportunity to have early access to the new feature, Data Explorer, as soon as possible, with the opportunity to provide feedback as the feature develops. Data Explorer is a robust reporting feature that allows the user to explore, analyze, and understand the data in their system. With Data Explorer, the user can select a data source to search, refine the data with custom queries, tailor the results to only the information needed, and export the data.

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Create a QR Code for a Fund or Form


This release allows a user to create and download QR Codes for forms, and either the public Online Giving fund listing page, or a specific fund. The QR Codes can be used on the organization's website or other marketing related materials. 

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Add Multiple Teachers to a Religious Education Class or Session

Religious Education


This release provides the opportunity to assign multiple teachers to a Religious Education class or session. Users can quickly view the names of all teachers who have been added to the class. Teachers can be added, edited and deleted at any time.


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Q1 2024

Religious Education Tiered Discounts and Family Maximum

Religious Education


We have enhanced the Religious Education registration form to accommodate new discount structures. The system automatically calculates the Tiered Discount, if the discount was configured for the term, and will also display the Flat Rate discount and new design showing the Family Out of Pocket Maximum. These changes allow users to view the correct fee and discount amounts.

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Fund General Ledger Credit and Debit Account Numbers



With this release you you can set a customized credit account number and debit account number for each fund. This provides greater flexibility in setting up funds and facilitates accounting exports. The account numbers can be found in the General Ledger Numbers area of each fund.

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Custom Fields

Data Tools

With this release, Custom Fields is the first feature in the Data Tools module, designed to manage data. Custom Fields, creates unique data points for Directory Families and Members to gather information specific to the organization's needs. There are several field types to choose from, including text, number, date, and choice fields, providing flexibility needed to track desired data. Custom fields can be included in online registration forms, and Custom Fields data is available for reports and exports.

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Enhanced Member List Report


With this release we have added the middle name to the baptismal certificate. Now, the first, middle and last name are viewable when the baptismal certificate is downloaded. 

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Diocesan ID to the Family List Report


We have added the Diocesan ID to the Family List report. The Diocesan ID is a number the Diocese assigns to a family or member as a way to identify them across all of the parishes of the Diocese for reporting purposes. It can be viewed on the Family List report and the CSV report.

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Download Pledge Statements and Thank You Messages


With this release, if the donor does not have an email address, we have provided an option to download the enhanced pledge thank you notes and pledge statements to mail or hand deliver. A donor can view specific pledge details on a pledge statement like the name of the fund, the pledge amount, how much has been donated, how many days until the pledge end date, and how much is remaining on the pledge.   This is significant because a donor may pledge to many different funds, so sending individual pledge details within a statement helps reduce confusion.

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